Welcome to A Taste of Coffee

We are excited to offer A Taste of Coffee - Coffee Tastings in Henderson, Nevada outside of Las Vegas.  Have you ever bought a bag of coffee and it tasted terrible? I have many times. What did you do with the bag? Me, I hid it in my food pantry so I had it if I ever ran out of my favorite coffee.  Better then not having any coffee, right? Well, let us help you take out the guess work and try the coffee before you buy it.  

Having been in the coffee world for over 16 years I have learned that one coffee is not for everyone.  Very similar to a wine tasting, our coffee tastings let you discover what coffees you like and why.  A Taste of Coffee Coffee tasting is not just about coffee, but meeting new people who also like coffee. Our coffee tastings are small and social, so you will meet new people sipping coffee.  You do not have to be an expert or drink the coffee any certain way. You taste your coffee how you like to drink coffee.  There is no wrong way to drink coffee.

Come sign up for one of our coffee tastings and enjoy exploring the coffee world while leaning a little about what coffee you like.  We will see you soon.